Invitation to Congress

Within the Quality in Health Care Accreditation and Patient Safety congress, which is being held since 2008 headed by the Health Care Academicians Society, with the cooperation of many international and Turkish universities, associations and organizations, many issues about quality in health services, accreditation, patient and employee safety have been discussed till today.  

You are again very welcome to the 16th International Congress on Quality, Accreditation and Patient Safety, will be held  with the collaboration of Sultan Qaboos University, Pembroke, University of North Carolina, Turkish Standardization Institute, and many related associations and organizations in the secto in Antalya on 22 - 25 May 2022. The mission of the congress, in which representatives of many international institutions and experts participated, will be to interpret the understanding of quality in the axis of health services with its various implementatin. This year, our aim is to meet you again to revive the momentum and to return to better, stronger and fairer systems. All of us have common concerns,  expectations and hopes about what the new normal will bring us after thevaccines significantly preventing the pandemic.  We need to review the changes in the health institutions process, the innovative approaches in patient and employee safety and accreditation within the new normal. We have to discuss how employee and patient safety and quality improvement will be oriented towards the new normal.It is also necessary to consider what the pandemic has revealed in areas such as equality in access to healthcare. In fact, it has never been more important to share new ideas, learning and best practices, and plan for the future, given the challenges faced by all healthcare professionals in the last two years.There fore we need change and innovation in our systems. Innovation has a vital importance for the healthcare sector. Innovations and improvements in the healthcare sector directly influence human life and the life standards. The new services created with the advancing technology and the new world order in change may prevent possible future costs by improving diagnosis and treatment opportunities, increasing the quality and efficiency in the health system.Therefore, the theme of this year’s congressis;

 “Restructuring quality, accreditation and patient safety in healthcare systems” 

Because "You will make the change and innovation in healthcare, let's meet again, come together and improve and enhance quality, accreditation and patient safety in health systems, and strengthen our future". Our goal is to carry the quality to the highest levels in health institutions.

The Congress will discuss the changes in health services offered under extraordinary Covid-19 pandemic conditions, primarily in Turkey, but all over the world, the new normalization and problems in presentation and financing, such as digitalization, the influences of these issues on patient and employee safety, and solution suggestions with the professionals from Turkey and around the world. 

The aims of the congress are:

1.Patient safety, risk management and reducing medical errors

2.International and national infection and epidemic control and prevention from a perspective of patient safety

3.A review of current methods in infection and epidemic management, control and prevention, the urgent importance of evidence-based practice and complexities in practice

4.A review of the scientific evidence, some of which are listed below, in the field of patient safety and infection

1.Surveillance studies, strategies, innovative approaches, innovations in technology and problems

2.Infection Control and prevention methods

3.Vaccination activities

4.Ways to prevent antimicrobial resistance and necessary collaborations for this

5.Innovations in clinical laboratories, occupational health and safety practices for the safety of healthcare workers

6.Infection control and prevention in special patient groups at high risk

7.Environmental factors and strategies for infection control and prevention

5.Control and prevention of healthcare-caused infections in healthcare institutions such as dialysis centers where chronic

diseases are treated. Surveillance studies, control and prevention strategies in these centers

6.Cost studies in healthcare-caused infections, control and prevention, changes or innovations that influence the cost

Legislative changes

Changes in repayment systems, place of performance-based strategies

Frequency of health care-caused infections reported at regional, national and international levels

7.Required resources for manpower, training, capacity improvement for the elimination of healthcare-caused infections

Additionally, it is planned to focus on the following issues related to the subject:

Innovations  and change management in quality and accreditation practices in health services

Clinical quality improvement methods

Patient safety, risk management and reduction of medical errors

Reviewing existing methods in the prevention of healthcare- caused incidents that threaten patient and employee

safety, the importance of evidence-based practices,

Patient-centered care

Innovations in health technologies

Health system infrastructure

Cost-effectiveness in service delivery and maintenance

Manpower planning and training in health service delivery

Information management systems, automation and communication technologies

Moral and ethical behaviors in the delivery of health services.

Risk management

Health tourism. Experiences gained in many issues related to quality, accreditation, patient and employee safety in

health services will be discussed.

The quality and accreditation practices are gradually on the agenda of health services in the country. This situation forces quality practitioners to follow the agenda closely. Since the beginning of the 2000s, The International Congress of Quality, Accreditation and Patient Safety in Health Services, attended by many experts from Turkey and the world every year, and has been creating a platform for you quality volunteers to discuss methods and innovations that improve quality in health services, ensure patient and employee safety. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to discuss the necessary experience and practices in order to provide health services.

The International Congress on Quality, Accreditation and Patient Safety in Healthcare has been creating a platform where methods and innovations that improve the quality of healthcare services and ensure patient and employee safety will be discussed, as well as the opportunity to discuss the experiences and practices required to provide safer, effective and effective health services to the participants. 

We hope that you will join us in 16th international congress that will be held in Antalya in May 2022.

Best  Regards

Prof. Dr. Seval AKGÜN, MD, PhDs

Congress Chair / TÜRKİYE

Prof. Dr. Rashid Bin KHALFAN, MD, PhD, MBA  FACSCongress Co-Chair,Sultanate of Oman