Invitation to Congress

You are invited to send abstracts for our 17th International Congress on Quality in Healthcare, Accreditation and Patient Safety, which is going to be held on April,30 - May,03 - 2023 in Antalya. with the cooperation of Health Care Academicians Association (HCAS), North Carolina university at Pembroke and supported by Turkish Health Care Quality and Accreditation Institute (TUSKA), Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), Joint Commission International (JCIA-USA) and other Turkish associations and organizations. The aim of the Congress, which will host large number of institution representatives and experts, is to interpret the various quality practices, accreditation, and the concept and its implications of patient safety within the frame of healthcare services. Health care industry across the world continues to make improvements and it is a must for all health professionals to be active partners in this journey.

The Congress will try to create a platform to discuss methods and innovations about improving quality and providing higher standards of patient safety. Besides, Congress participants can also have the chance to discuss experiences and applications to provide safer, more effective and more dynamic health care services.
The Health Care Academicians Society, as a non governmental organization led to increased awareness of quality and accreditation issues among healthcare providers and patients through its organized congresses since the year 2008, although these topics had not been started to discuss in the Turkish healthcare agenda and became a school for many healthcare professional where it tries to continue carrying its missions with a high devotion. Health professionals from Turkey and around the world will attend to the congress, which will take place for the 17th time. From invited plenary presentations, selected workshops, oral and poster presentations, participants will have opportunities to explore collaborative approaches to quality improvement among users, providers and donor organizations, and to examine new systems and ideas that reach across traditional boundaries during the congress.
Therefore, with the thought that it will be beneficial for all of us to review the way taken over the years, the experience gained, the thema of this year congress will be "National and international strategies in quality and risk management, towards zero mistakes in patient safety"

The objectives of our Congress; is to discuss;

  • National and International Strategies in Quality, Accreditation and Patient Safety in Healthcare;
  • Towards Zero Errors in Patient, Employee Safety and Clinical Risk Management
  • The innovations on implementation of quality and accreditation in healthcare facilities.
  • The methods of clinical quality improvements
  • Patient safety, risk management and reducing medical malpractices,
  • Review existing methods to prevent incidents that threaten health and safety of patients and employees, 
  • The importance of evidence-based practices, enhancement of data quality and current implementation methods of measurement and innovations in digital health.
  • The role of research on defining innovative methods; epidemiological, organizational behaviors on implementation of quality improvement at hospitals and other healthcare institutions; and the principles of implementation. 
  • Patient centered care

    Innovations on health technologies

  • Hospital architecture, facility safety and management
  • Service provision and cost-effectiveness of care
  • Manpower planning and training in health service provision

    Information management systems, automation and communication technologies

  • Moral and ethical behavior in the provision of health services.
  • Risk management
  • Medical tourism, during this period.

As it can be seen, an atmosphere will be created in the Congress to discuss methods and innovations improving the quality in healthcare services and providing the patient safety; the achievements of this application over years; the problems encountered; the methods in clinical quality improvement; and risk management. Additionally, this Congress will give the participants an opportunity to discuss experiences and implementation, which are needed to provide safe, dynamic, and effective healthcare services. In this frame, during the Congress, you will get the opportunity to comprehend basic approaches in providing patient and employee safety in healthcare facilities, from the perspectives of service providers and service users.
As co-chairpersons of the Congress, we take the liberty to approach you with great enthusiasm and deep interest. We will be delighted to meet each and every one of you and hope to work with you during this event. We look forward to seeing you in our Congress to be held at the connection point of three continents, at the pearl of Turkey, in the Turkish Riviera, in the city of Antalya.
We hope that you will join us in our 17th nternational congress that will be held in Antalya.
Best Regards.