Invitation to Congress

From the Congress Chair


Within the Quality in Health Care Accreditation and Patient Safety congress, which is being held since 2008 headed by the Health Care Academicians Society, with the cooperation of many international and Turkish universities, associations and organizations, many issues about quality in health services, accreditation, patient and employee safety have been discussed till today. 


You are again very welcome to the 16th International Congress on Quality, Accreditation and Patient Safety, will be held  with the collaboration of Sultan Qaboos University, Pembroke, University of North Carolina, Turkish Standardization Institute, and many related associations and organizations in the secto in Antalya on 22 - 25 May 2022. The mission of the congress, in which representatives of many international institutions and experts participated, will be to interpret the understanding of quality in the axis of health services with its various implementatin. This year, our aim is to meet you again to revive the momentum and to return to better, stronger and fairer systems. All of us have common concerns,  expectations and hopes about what the new normal will bring us after thevaccines significantly preventing the pandemic.  We need to review the changes in the health institutions process, the innovative approaches in patient and employee safety and accreditation within the new normal. We have to discuss how employee and patient safety and quality improvement will be oriented towards the new normal.It is also necessary to consider what the pandemic has revealed in areas such as equality in access to healthcare. In fact, it has never been more important to share new ideas, learning and best practices, and plan for the future, given the challenges faced by all healthcare professionals in the last two years.There fore we need change and innovation in our systems. Innovation has a vital importance for the healthcare sector. Innovations and improvements in the healthcare sector directly influence human life and the life standards. The new services created with the advancing technology and the new world order in change may prevent possible future costs by improving diagnosis and treatment opportunities, increasing the quality and efficiency in the health system.Therefore, the theme of this year’s congressis;

 “Restructuring quality, accreditation and patient safety in healthcare systems”